Child Growth & Development

Compromized Airway

Have you observed a child who looks like this when they are sleeping?

Children with a compromised airway may also show the following signs: 

  • restless sleep
  • bed wetting
  • dark circles under eyes
  • difficulty in school
  • mouth breathing
  • chronic allergies
  • snoring
  • daytime drowsiness
  • swollen adnoids
  • crowded/crooked teeth
  • swollen tonsils
  • nightmares
  • definance/Agression

Resarch suggests compromised airways could be due to underdeveloped upper and lower jaws or narrow dental arches. When all primary(baby) teeth have come in, children should have room for all 20 teeth and also display spacing in between. 

Possible contributuers of children developing narrow arches are: 

  • soft food diet
  • weak tongue
  • processed foods
  • weak orofacial muscles
  • low tongue position
  • tongue thrust
  • limited or no breastfeeding

Muscle function (or how you use your muscles) guides the growth of the bone. In particular, growth on the upper jaw, which leads to growth of the lower jaw and airway.


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